Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Marianne Cotterill - A Stylist's Home

I have always adored Marianne Cotterill's work, as a stylist I think she really stands out with her particular look. When I saw her home I immediately fell in love  - a haven of colours and feminine details. Each room is truly a work of art with such an eclectic mix. It is no surprise to me that her place is utterly fabulous...

Photography Oliver Perrott.


  1. Oh wow! This is absolutely beautiful. I love how each room has it's own character.

    Best wishes, Alex

  2. What an amazing home and I agree with the above comment that each room is a new canvas, really unique. I think my fav pictures are the ones 2nd from top and 2nd from bottom, they are really serene and pretty. The elaborate furniture really comes into its own in a house with rooms this size and the chandeliers complete each look perfectly.